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Will I have to have X-rays?
X-rays and other types of images can be helpful. Pictures of your spine are necessary if it was traumatic injury. In many cases Doctor Andre Pisarev will find precise location of hypomobile   segment of your spine or subluxated (out of aliment) vertebra using palpation and checking range of the motion and performing of radiographic images is not required.  You will know if X-rays are needed after completing the initial examinations.

How long until I feel better?
Some patients can experience almost instant relief. Others find that it can take a few days, but you will feel changes right after manipulation: decrease of pain or discomfort and increase of mobility of that segment of spine or vertebra and release of spasticity of muscles.   The recovery phase is different for every patient. Factors which may affect the healing process can include your age, overall health, muscle tone, occupation, habits, diet, and many others.

When will I get my first adjustment?
This will depend on your individual situation. The degree and extent of adjustments performed will vary from person to person and case to case. Most of the time, you will receive an adjustment during your first visit if there is no contraindication. You will know about this after completing the initial examinations.

Will I receive any medication for my pain?
Dr. Andre Pisarev does not prescribe medications. We rely on natural methods, and can assist you in selection of proper exercise, using methods such as topical creams, ice, or heat application to control your pain drug free without the drug-associated side effects.

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